The Next Chapter

Now that I’ve almost finished the translation of my first book ‘The Gifted: The four Kingdoms’, I am already thinking about what’s next. I already have multiple ideas for new books – including two sequels for my first book – and now I’ve got to figure out what I should start with and whether or not I could write two books at a time.


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Working When You're Ill

Sometimes you just don’t feel right. Sometimes you’re tired and don’t want to concentrate on whatever lies in front of you. You only want take a nap or watch your favourite movie. When you’re ill, many things can prove to be more difficult than they usually are. And when you’re ill, working – or, in my case, writing – can prove to be more difficult as well, no matter whether you normally love what you’re doing.


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Free Your Mind

Your mind is like an ocean. It is vast and ideas and thoughts are constantly forming like waves. Sometimes there might be many ideas, other times there might only be few. Yet, your mind, the ocean inside of your head, never stops moving. It grows stronger and weaker and stronger again. Whenever you learn something new – add a new breeze to your ocean – the waves grow bigger and your ideas and thoughts run as wild as they can. It is easy to get lost in your vast ocean, but what can you do to free your mind? What can you do to calm the waves and the wind and go back to what you first saw in a quietly flowing sea?


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A Little Reminder To Love Your Ideas

When I started writing my first book I was madly in love with the characters and the story and the world I had created. Not only did I love to write more and more about it, but I also loved to simply think about it. The moment I had finally finished it – writing as well as editing – I was so proud of what had become of my main character and how everything had turned out. I still am to this day. Yet, in contrast to before, I now need to remind myself once in a while why I fell in love with my ideas in the first place. 


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The Little Feeling Called Weariness

Do you know that feeling, when you really want to do something but can't? When you're too tired to think straight, although you slept fine at night? Or when you simply can't focus on your work right in front of you, because your brain thinks you should take a nap?


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