The West: The First Trees

A poem written by a little boy from the Kingdom of Forestry


Shortly after the events of the Apocalypse, a little boy from the West walked through his Kingdom to see what had become of his favourite places in the forest close to his home. He soon discovered that the Apocalypse hadn’t been the only thing which had damaged the world. Some of the humans living in that part of the world brought pain and devastation to the nature as well.


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The North: The Books Of The Mountains

Extracts from the diary of a young girl from the Kingdom of Wisdom



Day 730


It’s been two years since the world turned into ice. Two years since I lost most of my family. Only mum and I are left now. Although she is rather sick, I love living with my mum. I don’t mind being the one who’s taking care of her and I don’t mind leaving the house everyday to look for work. Life could be a lot worse and I know that very well.

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The East: The Beginning Of The New World

Extract from the diary of a farmer from the Kingdom of Harvest



For a while there had been neither many fruits and vegetables nor many different kinds of animals. Life had been filled with hunger and was duller without the joy of watching animals play in the meadows than any of us would have ever imagined. If the change hadn’t come, if we hadn’t been able to find new ways of plantation as well as new kinds of food, we would have all been weary of our lives in the frozen world much quicker.


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