Dear Autumn

Dear autumn,


you've always been my favourite time of the year. Even when I was younger I loved you more than any other season. I've never been somebody who really liked the summer. And although I've always liked the spring and enjoyed the winter – as long as it was a true winter with snow and not one of those muddy, kind of gross winters – you have always been the season for me.


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Clarice: The Note About The World

A note remembered by Clarice


When I was younger, I was a dreamer and a lover of nature. I loved watching the animals in the meadows and loved to listen to the wind and the ice-rains. Everything which surrounded me fascinated me and it still does these days, although I am an adult now. But in contrast to nowadays, I wasn't actually able to understand the world and the nature in a way which was considered normal for somebody my age, for somebody from my Kingdom as a child. Because I was always looking at the animals or listening to the wind and because I wasn't actually focusing on what I was taught, I found it difficult back then to understand the world I lived in. 


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The Fog

Once there was a small village in the middle of nowhere. It was a dull and grey village in which not many people lived. But those who did didn't truly enjoy their lives there. And yet, there was no way for them to escape it for the village was surrounded by a dark and thick fog. Nobody dared to touch the fog or enter it, because those human beings who did were lost and trapped inside of it forever. The people of the small village lived their lives in fear of the fog and stayed as far away from it as they could. That is, until an elderly man made a life changing decision.


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The West: The First Trees

A poem written by a little boy from the Kingdom of Forestry


Shortly after the events of the Apocalypse, a little boy from the West walked through his Kingdom to see what had become of his favourite places in the forest close to his home. He soon discovered that the Apocalypse hadn’t been the only thing which had damaged the world. Some of the humans living in that part of the world brought pain and devastation to the nature as well.


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Lily's Grandfather: The Dream Of Flowers

A dream dreamt by Lily’s grandfather a few weeks after her birth


I woke up in another beautiful dream. For years I had found myself in the most beautiful places one could imagine as soon as I would close my eyes. I knew that the world must’ve looked like this once and I knew that it would look like this again – sooner rather than later. 


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