The Gifted: The four Kingdoms

In a world covered in ice a young woman has to put aside everything she knows to find her true self and the powers hidden within her mind.


When a group of strangers approaches her, everything changes for nineteen-year-old Lily Montgomery. She would have never believed the world or herself to be anything but ordinary. For all her life she thought everything she saw or heard or experienced had a logical explanation. But as she learns the truth about the event known as the Apocalypse and an ancient force called the Darkness as well as about her own person, she soon realizes how wrong she had been.


Soon after their conversation, Lily finds herself on a journey through all four Kingdoms of the world and headed to a foreign and magical destination with the group of strangers. As Lily discovers her own powers and gets to know the people surrounding her, dangers thought to be long gone awaken again and put the world and its inhabitants in grave danger.