Dear Autumn

Dear autumn,


you've always been my favourite time of the year. Even when I was younger I loved you more than any other season. I've never been somebody who really liked the summer. And although I've always liked the spring and enjoyed the winter – as long as it was a true winter with snow and not one of those muddy, kind of gross winters – you have always been the season for me.


You might be rather rainy and cool and gloomy where I come from and where I live, but for me you're still beautiful. I love looking at the colourful leaves on the trees and all over the ground. I love to feel the cool breeze on my face whenever I leave the house and take a walk. It helps me to free my mind from time to time. The sound of an autumnal thunderstorm is, weirdly enough, somehow relaxing to me and the smells of somebody else's oven remind me of my childhood. Autumn, you've always been the season for me.


While many people feel sad whenever the summer is over and want it back immediately, I get more and more excited with every passing day of autumn. The colder and gloomier it gets, the more comfortable I feel. I can finally wear my boots and scarves again, can finally wear sweatshirts and fuzzy socks again without it looking odd or somehow out of place. And I finally don't start sweating anymore whenever I take a single step outside. When the temperatures drop, when the hot humidity leaves us alone again, life gets more comfortable and cosy again, my dear autumn.


As a child I might have appreciated you because of the wrong reasons – one being the fact that my birthday is in autumn – but the older I got the more I understood why you truly are my favourite season, why I love you even more than I love winter and spring. It's not just the fact that my birthday is in autumn, but everything that makes you the season that you are. It's the leaves, it's the cool air and it's the gloom. It's the golden light of the autumn sun, it's the smells of autumn and it's the cosiness of it all. Now that I am older I know there are many things which make you so beautiful and so enjoyable.  


So, my dear autumn, I know there are many people who do not like you, many people who prefer summer and would like to have it back whenever your time comes. But I am not one of them. I am not somebody who dislikes you even when you have days that aren't as beautiful or as comfortable as I would like. I am not somebody who dislikes you because of who you are. Quite on the contrary, I love you because of who you are. I love you and all your colourful and cosy and cool and gloomy and rainy days.


Dear autumn,


you are the season for me.

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