Clarice: The Note About The World

A note remembered by Clarice


When I was younger, I was a dreamer and a lover of nature. I loved watching the animals in the meadows and loved to listen to the wind and the ice-rains. Everything which surrounded me fascinated me and it still does these days, although I am an adult now. But in contrast to nowadays, I wasn't actually able to understand the world and the nature in a way which was considered normal for somebody my age, for somebody from my Kingdom as a child. Because I was always looking at the animals or listening to the wind and because I wasn't actually focusing on what I was taught, I found it difficult back then to understand the world I lived in. 


At least until I found a note in one of my schoolbooks one day.


At first I wasn't sure who wrote that note. I wasn't sure who put it into my book either. But after looking at it for a few minutes and after reading it twice, I knew exactly who's handwriting I could see on that piece of paper. It was my grandmother's. But although I knew who wrote the note, I still couldn't figure out how it got there. My grandmother had died two years before I lay my eyes on the note. She had died two years before somebody else must've put her note into my schoolbook.


And yet it seemed to me that, although she had written it two years before, my grandmother had known exactly in what kind of situation I would find myself in at some point in my life. She had known how much I would struggle with certain things, how difficult it would be for me to understand certain things. The thought made me smile.


My grandmother and I had always been close. Since my parents had always worked long each and every day, my grandmother had looked after me and had played with me all day. She had taught me how to read and how to write before I had even started school. She had taught me the names of the different animals I could see as well as their stories. My grandmother had always been there for me, even when the sickness had befallen her. The bond between her and me had been special and unique, I was sure of it. The note inside of my book only proved that to me once more.


I read the note a third time, to remember everything she had written as well as to remember my grandmother herself.

My dearest Clarice,

there are many things you need to know, many things you need to understand about this world. It might not always be easy for you, my sweet little child, but I know that you are special and thus I am sure that you will succeed at everything in your life no matter what. And yet, I think it would be good to remember these few following things about our world.


Our world is covered in thick layers of ice

~ It will never be truly warm outside even on the sunniest day

~ There are four Kingdoms in this world

~ Three of those Kingdoms are friends

~ The fourth Kingdom is neither friend nor foe to our Kingdom

~ There are good people as well as bad people in this world

~ Not everybody holds something good and pure inside of his or her heart

~ Many people will be your friends

~ Many others won't be

~ Every living being deserves to be treated with respect

~ No human being is better than another living being

~ Be kind and be wise and be friendly

~ Don't hold grudges and don't take everything too personal

~ Smile as much as you can in our grey and cold world

~ Find people who will bring warmth and comfort to you

~ Nothing in this world is simply given to you

~ Work for the things you want and don't give up

~ The world is not half as bad as it may seem

~ Look for those things which make you happy 

~ Try to understand the things you see and hear

~ And most importantly be yourself


I know you will find some things more difficult than others, sweet Clarice, but it will all be easier after a while. You grow and you learn and you understand things you never thought you would ever understand. Do not rush yourself and do not despair and you will see that the things will explain themselves to you.

My grandmother had always known what to say to me. Her words encouraged me. I knew I would one day be able to understand even those seemingly difficult things. I knew everything would be easier once I gave it some time. It wouldn't always be so difficult and confusing. But I also knew that I still had to learn, still had to concentrate on those things. I couldn't just wait for them to fully explain themselves. If I only waited, it might take years for them to do so. So, I had to learn and concentrate and do neither of those things in a rush. I had to give myself the time that I needed.


With the words of my grandmother's note in my mind, I went on with my day and tried to do just what she told me each and every following day. I tried to live the way she described in her note and slowly I started to understand more and more things. As always my grandmother had been right.

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