The Fog

Once there was a small village in the middle of nowhere. It was a dull and grey village in which not many people lived. But those who did didn't truly enjoy their lives there. And yet, there was no way for them to escape it for the village was surrounded by a dark and thick fog. Nobody dared to touch the fog or enter it, because those human beings who did were lost and trapped inside of it forever. The people of the small village lived their lives in fear of the fog and stayed as far away from it as they could. That is, until an elderly man made a life changing decision.


The elderly man had wondered about the fog his whole life. He was curious about it and, at that point of his life, didn't truly fear the fog anymore. He was old and knew that he didn't really have many years left. The elderly man was sure that there wasn't only the fog which surrounded the village. He was sure there was something else beyond it.


And thus he one day decided to enter the fog.


As soon as he entered the fog, the elderly man couldn't see a thing, couldn't even see his own hands. He walked through it carefully and slowly in order not to fall. But after what felt like hours he finally found another place. It seemed to be a whole new world which differed as much from the small village he had grown up in as an apple differed from a bird. 


While the village was dull and gloomy and grey, this new land was colourful and beautiful. There were so many things to see. There were so many things to enjoy. The elderly man didn't even know where to look or to go first. And yet, although he thought that this new world was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, he soon found that there was something or rather somebody even more beautiful. 


As he walked through this new world beyond the thick fog he met the most beautiful woman.


The woman greeted him in this new and beautiful place and asked him to sit down with her. There were things he needed to know, rules he needed to understand which only she could tell him.


In order to stay in that place, the man needed to convince at least one other human being from the village of the existence of it. He needed to find somebody who would believe him, somebody who would not doubt that there is another world beyond the thick fog. Otherwise he would not be able to live there or, in fact, go back to his old home. 


The man started to grow more and more curious and also slightly anxious. He asked the beautiful woman what would happen if he wasn't able to find somebody. When she asked him to follow her, he did just that.


What the elderly man from the village saw next made him shiver.


The woman led him back into the fog and to a strange place. The elderly man would have never thought that there was a place like that on earth and especially not inside of the fog. The place was dreadful and dark and there were many other human beings sitting on the ground or simply standing around in silence. When the man asked the woman what had happened to them, she told him that those were the human beings who could not convince somebody else of the existence of the world beyond the fog. 'They can never live in happiness for they were to selfish to think about others,' she said. 'Only if one thinks about others and their happiness as well as one's own can one truly be happy.'


With the task in his mind the elderly man returned to his old home.


The man spent days trying to find somebody who would believe him. He talked to everybody he knew, but even his friends and his family members thought he was making up a story. Nobody would believe him and they all started to look at him weirdly. With every passing day the man grew more and more desperate. He didn't want to live in that dreadful place inside of the fog, but he also didn't want others to stay in the dull village forever either. The man wanted his own happiness and he wanted to help somebody else find his or hers as well. But he wasn't too sure he would be able to do so.


Until he finally found a young woman who would listen to him.


He had seen her many times before since she lived on the street and was an outsider of the society of the village. But not once had he thought about talking to her. And yet he was sure that this woman deserved some happiness and something good in her life and thus he decided to tell her about the fog and the beautiful place beyond it. Never would he have thought that she would believe him.


The young woman wanted to go through the fog and to the world beyond it with the elderly man. There was nothing holding her back, nothing holding her in that village. She wanted to see everything he had told her about. She wanted to meet the beautiful woman.


And so the two of them left the village behind and stepped into the fog.


This time around it didn't take the man and his new companion as long to find the new world. Quite on the contrary, it only took them a few minutes to reach the place and stand in front of the beautiful woman. Seeing her for the first time, the young woman from the streets of the village was able to understand every last thing the elderly man had told her. She falls in love with the place as well as with the woman and the idea of a life in that place. The smile on her face is brighter than the sun. And the smile of the man is just as bright.


The beautiful woman from the world beyond the fog smiled at them and nodded towards the man when she saw the young woman. She was seemingly pleased with his achievement and the presence of the woman. He had succeeded and he had thought as much about somebody else's happiness as he had thought about his own. His task was fulfilled. The beautiful woman told the two of them that they could spend the rest of their lives in the world beyond the fog and that they could spend it in happiness. Only very few people had ever been able to do this, she told them. Only very few people had ever thought about the happiness and well-being of others.


After the beautiful woman left them, the young woman thanked the elderly man. If it hadn't been for him, she was sure she would have spend the rest of her life on the streets of the village. He told her that there was nothing she needed to thank him for. He was happy that he could give her something good and some happiness. It was a good feeling to do something which was so right. And he told her that he would do it again, because everybody deserved to see the happiness and the beauty which lay beyond the fog.


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