The West: The First Trees

A poem written by a little boy from the Kingdom of Forestry


Shortly after the events of the Apocalypse, a little boy from the West walked through his Kingdom to see what had become of his favourite places in the forest close to his home. He soon discovered that the Apocalypse hadn’t been the only thing which had damaged the world. Some of the humans living in that part of the world brought pain and devastation to the nature as well.


Although the forest was destroyed and burnt down, the boy found something he would have never expected to see in a world covered in ice and – in that part of the West – in ashes. The boy ran back to his home again and wrote a poem about what he saw.


There’s ashes on the ground

And only ice can be found.

The snow covers the silent forest.

The embers put the trees to rest.


Although my heart is torn asunder,

Because my little forest is no longer,

I find that there is something

 Which looks more than interesting.


Where once trees stood tall and strong

And now only ice and ashes seem to belong,

Little seedlings rise high

 Above the snow and towards the sky.


They may not be strong and they may not be tall

 But I know they will be the first trees of them all.


The little boy got very excited about the forest and his poem. He showed the poem to everybody who would let him. Although nobody believed him at first – he had been the only one capable of seeing the seedlings – he knew they would sooner or later see that he was right. 


There were indeed little seedlings amidst the ashes and the snow and the ice. There were indeed new trees growing in those harsh and unloving conditions. And there would one day be a big forest again.


The only person who believed the little boy was his grandfather. He was an old and wise man. He had seen many things in his life and he knew about many others. After his grandson had read his poem to him and after he had gone to the forest himself, there was one thing the old man kept repeating to his nature-loving grandson: ‘One must only look for the smallest of trees, to see how strong and how big the forest can be. One must only look for the seedlings which grow where nobody would expect them to, to know how caring Mother Nature can be.’


After he heard his grandfather’s words for the first time, the boy decided to do exactly what he had said. He went to the forest everyday and looked for the seedlings and the small trees which soon started to grow. He looked for them and smiled whenever he saw how much they had changed within a day. The little boy from the West knew that he had been right and that the forest would one day be as big and beautiful again as it had been before the world had turned into ice.

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