Lily's Grandfather: The Dream Of Flowers

A dream dreamt by Lily’s grandfather a few weeks after her birth


I woke up in another beautiful dream. For years I had found myself in the most beautiful places one could imagine as soon as I would close my eyes. I knew that the world must’ve looked like this once and I knew that it would look like this again – sooner rather than later. 


I was always excited to go to sleep and wake up in one of my dreams. The beautiful and colourful landscapes I found myself in were a nice change to ice and the snow and the rather colourless landscape of the actual world. Ever since the Apocalypse had come into our world centuries ago, nothing was as quite beautiful as it could be. But I knew that would change again.


I was lying on a forest floor when I woke up in my dream. There were giant trees surrounding me as well as colourful bushes. The sun was high up in the sky and the air was warm. A slight breeze blew all around me. I could hear birds singing and the soft sounds of other forest animals. Taking a deep breath, I decided that this dream might actually be even more beautiful than the one I had had the night before. 


I got up and went for a walk in the forest.


For a while I only saw trees and bushes in that forest. For a while I thought it was everything there was to be seen in that place. Although I didn’t truly mind it – the place was still very beautiful – I hoped that I would soon see something else, something of a beauty I might have never seen before. I walked between the trees and stepped over big roots, looking around me whenever I thought it was safe not to look on the ground. And then suddenly I found that my dream as always wouldn’t disappoint me.


There was a clearing in that forest and, although I was still rather far away from it, I could already see that it was beautiful.


I sped up my pace and walked towards the clearing. Not only was I interested to see what awaited me there, but something drew me towards it as well. I couldn’t truly understand what it was, but the thing which drew me towards the clearing also made me anxious. I was excited and I was somehow frightened at the same time. My feelings confused me, yet I continued to walk faster and faster.


When I finally reached the clearing I was almost blinded by all the colours I could see. The forest floor was covered in flowers of different shades of purple and red and yellow and almost every other colour one could imagine. It was beautiful. It was magnificent. But the flowers weren’t the only things I saw in the clearing. There were animals as well, little bunnies hopping around and deer with their fawns. There were birds and bees and butterflies. I looked at everything, tried to take as much of it in as I could, while stepping farther and farther into the clearing.


And then I saw the little girl.


She had long hair in a shade I had never seen before. It was red and it was dark and it reached down to her shoulders. The little girl looked at me with big blue eyes and smiled. She called out to me, but I couldn’t hear what she was saying. The only thing I could hear was her giggling before she turned around and started to run a little bit farther away from me. She stopped and turned around again, beckoning me to follow her. I was still amazed by the clearing and the flowers, the animals and their noises and didn’t really understand why she would wave towards me.


But then I suddenly knew that what she wanted was to play a game.


We chased each other around the clearing for a long time. The sun slowly started to set. It was a lot of fun to play with the little girl and, although I didn’t truly know how or why, she somehow reminded me of somebody. I didn’t know of whom, but the way she looked and the way she smiled made me feel at ease. We ran and ran and ran until we could no longer run. In the end, I was tired and exhausted but also happy and at peace.


The little girl and I lay down in the clearing, amidst the flowers and looked up at the sky. Neither one of us said anything, the only sounds coming from the animals. The sky was blue and orange and red because of the sunset and I thought that I could already see the pale moon waiting for his turn to light up the world. The flowers all around us shimmered in the fading light of the day and so did the bushes. It was beautiful and peaceful and I felt happy.


I closed my eyes and sighed happily, only to wake up and to find myself in the real world once more.

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