The Next Chapter

Now that I’ve almost finished the translation of my first book ‘The Gifted: The four Kingdoms’, I am already thinking about what’s next. I already have multiple ideas for new books – including two sequels for my first book – and now I’ve got to figure out what I should start with and whether or not I could write two books at a time.


You may ask yourself: why not just work on one book and as soon as that is done work on another? Why write two books at the same time? Why not just fully concentrate on one book?


Well, first of all, as I said I am not quite sure whether I am going to write two books at the same time. Yet, I am sure that I am definitely going to write the sequel to my first book as soon as I am done with the translation, which means I am going to write another fantasy book. I am sure that I am going to let the journey of my little group of characters continue as soon as possible. And I am sure that I want to create even more fantastical places and describe even more fantastical creatures. I want my main character to become her true self and I want her to find her place in the world I created. There is no doubt inside of me that I want to continue the series and that I want to do it immediately.


And yet, there are also other things I would like to write about, other worlds I would like to create and describe.


I’ve got other ideas which have nothing to do with my first book and the series. I have ideas which might even turn into books of a different genre. And I have ideas which might turn into books which would fit into the fantasy world as well as into another world. There are always many things going on inside of my head, many things I think about and imagine. Although some of them might only sound good to me for a moment or so, others take a hold of me and thus I feel like I need to write them down. 


But does that mean I will most certainly write two books at the same time? I don’t know. I guess it depends on whether or not I am able to give each story as much attention as I can and as it needs. It depends on whether or not I am able to do it without neglecting one of my stories. Because that is something I would never want: give one story too much of my attention and thus neglect the other one. All of my ideas, all of the possible stories and books are important to me. Their important and deserve only the best and are dear to my heart.


So, I guess in these next days, weeks and months I’ll see whether or not I can do it. After all, who knows what the next chapter has in store? Isn’t that one of the mysteries of life? But either way, I know that my journey as a writer will continue and I know that the journey of the characters of my first book will as well. 


I’m prepared to start the next chapter!

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