Working When You're Ill

Sometimes you just don’t feel right. Sometimes you’re tired and don’t want to concentrate on whatever lies in front of you. You only want take a nap or watch your favourite movie. When you’re ill, many things can prove to be more difficult than they usually are. And when you’re ill, working – or, in my case, writing – can prove to be more difficult as well, no matter whether you normally love what you’re doing.


And yet you have to do it and deep inside you might know that you want to do it. It doesn’t matter how ill you are or how ill you feel, there is always work which needs to be done. There is always something which needs your attention.



But how can you focus on something when you feel so bad? How can you concentrate on the words in front of your eyes, while your mind is thinking about the next break, the next nap?


You have to give yourself some time and you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. Of course it is important that you get the work done and that you do as much as you possibly can. But isn’t your health just as important? Or isn’t it even more important than that? What and where would we be without our health? 


In my opinion, health is always the most important thing. You have to take care of yourself or else you will not be able to work or life as well as you would like. No matter what you do or who you are, your health plays a big part and thus you should look after it – in whatever way you might consider appropriate for yourself. And you shouldn’t let anything get you down when it comes to being healthy. There might be times when you don’t feel at your best or when your conditions might not exactly be great, but any kind of health is worth fighting for. 


And yet not everybody can take a day off or take a longer break because their ill or don’t feel right. There might even be some people who don’t want to take a day off – like me for example, at least at the moment. Those people need to find a way to work while they’re not at their best, a way to work as much and as good as they possibly can. And that’s not always easy.


For me, for somebody who works from home it can either be a lot easier or a lot more difficult than for somebody who works in an office or somewhere else. It is easier to take a break at home or to even take a short nap. You can relax whenever you feel like you need to for a moment or two. And you can combine your work with something relaxing, like listening to music or putting your favourite movie on in the background. There are many things you can do at home which might make working a little more comfortable when you’re not feeling too well. But, to be fair, they can also make working a lot more difficult. After all, they can all be distractions and you might feel even less motivated to work.


No matter what you do, working will always be at least a little more difficult when you’re not feeling well. When you’re ill your body and your mind simply don’t function as well as they do when you are at your best. But there is nothing wrong with that. Take your time, don’t be too hard on yourself and find a way to make everything more comfortable for yourself and you will be able to work as much as you possibly can.

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