Free Your Mind

Your mind is like an ocean. It is vast and ideas and thoughts are constantly forming like waves. Sometimes there might be many ideas, other times there might only be few. Yet, your mind, the ocean inside of your head, never stops moving. It grows stronger and weaker and stronger again. Whenever you learn something new – add a new breeze to your ocean – the waves grow bigger and your ideas and thoughts run as wild as they can. It is easy to get lost in your vast ocean, but what can you do to free your mind? What can you do to calm the waves and the wind and go back to what you first saw in a quietly flowing sea?


Well, although I find it to be one of the most difficult things – to free my mind and stop thinking about too many things at once – there are a few ways I and you as well can do just that.


First of all, it is a lot easier to do so by simply going out and going for a run or just for a walk. Maybe take some music with you and listen to it while you spend some time outside. Nature can be very helpful when it comes to clearing your head and finding your way back to a thought or an idea you had. And music helps a lot as well. Whenever I just go out, listen to music and look around myself at whatever nature has to offer, I find that I think about a lot less things. The whole atmosphere eases my mind and calms it somehow down. Of course, I am never truly just thinking about one thing, but with most of the other thoughts and ideas turned off, I can at least try to focus on that one thing. 


The sights of nature remind me of what’s important and the music in my ears enables me to drift away into the very few thoughts and ideas left inside of my mind whenever I am on a walk or on a run. And even afterwards my mind is at least slightly more at ease than before.


You might find it difficult to just go outside for a while – for example because you don’t really have the time or because you simply can’t due to the weather or due to a sickness. If that’s the case, why not just listen to some music? You can put your headphones on or turn it up as much as you like. You can listen to rock, to pop, to classics or to hip-hop or whatever kind of music you like. And you can choose the music depending on the mood you’re in or the mood you want to be in when it comes to finding your way back to one idea. 


Music alone can create the kind of atmosphere you might need to free your mind and to quiet that ocean inside of you down.


And if you neither want to go outside nor listen to music, I find that reading a book can be helpful as well. Of course, if you’re trying to focus on an idea or one of your thoughts, you most likely won’t find reading to helpful at first. While you’re reading you focus on the words inside of the book and the pictures they create inside of your mind, but afterwards you might find that, although you didn’t feel like you were freeing your mind, some of the distracting thoughts are gone. 


Where a million and one thoughts might have been before, most of them might be gone after you spend some time reading a book.


And if all of the above fail, if you still can’t free your mind after you’ve went for a walk or listened to music or read for a while, you can always just try to relax on your bed or on your couch. Easier said than done, relaxing and simply trying not to think about certain things can help you find that one idea as well. Although I lose myself in some random thoughts most of the time while I simply try to relax, other people might not have that problem, you might not have that problem. Even if you do find yourself lost in a thought you hadn’t expected to lose yourself in, it doesn’t mean you will thus end up with more thoughts and ideas inside of your mind than you had before. Maybe even the most random thoughts and losing yourself inside of them can free you from some of the others which ultimately means you’ll be closer to finding that one thought again.


So, if you’re trying to calm the ocean inside of your head, if you’re trying to free your mind, try to relax and try not to think about too many things, no matter how difficult it may seem.

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