Life As A Dreamer

Do you know the feeling when you read a really good book or watch your favourite TV show and you just start dreaming? Or when you simply look out of the window and get lost in your thoughts in a matter of seconds? When other people need to say something twice or even trice to you because, despite your body being in the same room as they are, your mind is somewhere else? If you do, well, maybe then you’re just like me. Maybe you’re just a dreamer living in many worlds at once.


But what is it like to leave the real world behind whenever you feel like it? What does it feel like to be caught up in your own thoughts, in your own daydreams most of the time?


It can be good or bad, depending on the situation you’re in.


If you’re just sitting at home and don’t need to do anything or go anywhere, it is – in my opinion – one of the best things to get caught up in a daydream. It’s relaxing and exciting at the same time. It’s fascinating and the world you might enter can be like a safe haven for you. You’ll have a special place just for yourself whenever you feel bad or sad or angry or simply don’t feel like being a part of the real world for a few moments. The daydream doesn’t even have to be a long one. As long as you can shut the world out for a moment and get back to what is truly important, to who you really are, even one minute in a daydream can be essential. It can enable you to take the deepest of breaths, take a step back and see everything in a different light.


Yet, if you find yourself caught up in a daydream somewhere else than at home, it might not be quite as good or as helpful. Of course, if you’re only the passenger of a car or a bus or a train – keep in mind, a passenger not the driver – it’s still a great thing to dream yourself away and think about something else. But if you’re at work or at school and you can’t focus on the task in front of you because your mind longs to go somewhere else, it can be problematic. The same goes for daydreaming in the middle of conversations – no matter how important or unimportant they might be. If you truly need to focus on something or somebody else, losing yourself in another world isn’t going to help.


I myself always found it rather difficult to handle my daydreams when I was at school. It was difficult to follow the teachers sometimes or listen to classmates whenever they had to present something to the whole class. And reading one of those articles you have to read on an almost daily basis at school – be it a scientific one or one about a historical event – always took me some time. I had to focus more on some days than on others. I had to truly concentrate on the words in front of me or what was being said and had to try very hard not to fall into my usual habits. Daydreaming, being caught in another world or another life were difficult and not exactly helpful things when I was still at school.


Even today as a writer I sometimes find my daydreams slightly irritating and hindering. Although they are more than helpful whenever they’re about my own little story and whenever they have something to do with what I am doing or what I have to concentrate on in that moment, they still sometimes keep me from thinking straight. I’ll find myself lost in another world, the life of somebody else, but not in the world I am writing about or the life of the character I have created.


My daydreams can be about anything and everything, no matter what I am doing or whether I want them in that exact moment. They can be helpful or hindering, perfect for what I am writing about or simply irritating. Even now that I am writing this blog post, I need to focus more than usual, because I simply do not want to enter one of my dreams – at least not until I am done writing. So, in terms of productivity I sometimes dislike being a dreamer more than I would like to.


But why do I still think that, in general, being a dreamer and getting caught up in daydreams is one of the best things in life?



The answer is simple. I think it is amazing to be able to do so, because I love living all those different lives in all those different worlds and because I need my little safe haven inside of my head. If it wasn’t for my daydreams the world would get too loud for me too often. I wouldn’t be able to cope with everything that’s happening most of the times. There would be no way for me to relax or to find some peace. Life itself simply wouldn’t be half as enjoyable for me and in my opinion if it wasn’t for those moments in which only my body is a part of the real world and my mind is somewhere else entirely. The life as a dreamer is filled with many different, magical and fantastical things which might make life itself a little more bearable even in those rather difficult situations.

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