The Many Lives Of A Reader

 First you may be a young adult, learning to live life. Then you may be a teenager, discovering the joys and wonders of the world. An old woman reliving her long life and wondering about what she will leave behind might be another of your many lives. It is even possible that you find yourself in the body and the mind of an animal or of a fantastic creature unknown to our world. As a reader there are endless parts for you to play, endless lives for you to live. Every word you read creates a new picture inside of your mind. Every character you meet lets you experience a new aspect of life itself. With every book you enjoy your knowledge and your understanding of the world and the different people living within it increases.


For somebody who reads many books and enjoys experiencing all kinds of stories and genres there are, things will never be only black and white. Of course, people who do not like to do so can see the different colours of life and the world as well. Yet, they will never be as deep or as light, as joyful or as depressing for them as they are for avid readers. Only somebody who has entered many other worlds can see and appreciate the true face of our very own world with all its beauties and its ugliness.


Once you enter another world, you’ll learn about new things, things which may not exist in reality. You’ll learn about new kinds of flowers, new kinds of animals and new kinds of countries and kingdoms alike. There will be new kinds of human beings with special powers or special features and there may even be aliens and completely different kinds of living beings.


No story is like the other, no characters are the same.


Even when you find yourself caught up in a story about the real world, a story talking about real places and maybe even real people, there will always be new things for you to learn. Although many things will be familiar and although you will not need your imagination in the same way as you will for other stories, they will broaden your horizon and show you new colours to see.


Every story shows us new ways of living and new aspects of life itself.



So, when you read a book, when you enjoy a story, try to learn as much from it as you can. Every book we read teaches us something new. Every book we read enables us to see a new aspect, a new colour of life. And every book we read will make it easier to understand and appreciate everything there is in our very own world and inside of every human being we meet along the way.

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