The Struggle With Words

 When writing a book you find yourself surrounded by many joyful but also many annoying and stressful things. One moment you think what you’re writing is great and entertaining, that as soon as you publish your words people will enjoy them as much as you do. The next moment, though, everything might look entirely different. The next moment, your words may seem dull and unfit for the messages hidden within your story.


Writing isn’t the easiest thing and it surely isn’t as easy as it seems to most people. Of course, finding ideas for stories and tales might not be too difficult for a creative mind. Yet, finding the right words proves to be more challenging than even the most creative person might think.


In your mind, your story is colourful and detailed, gripping and sensational. You know who your characters are, what they do, how they feel deep inside of them. With every new thought about the story within you, a new aspect comes to life and a new part of a whole is developed.


But while it is colourful and detailed, gripping and sensational within your own head, it might not be the same written down on paper or typed into a computer. Words are temperamental little things. They do whatever they want once written down or said aloud, do whatever they want to the person reading or listening to them. While you may find them fitting, others may find them redundant or badly chosen. And even if they found them at least somewhat fitting the first time they've read them, there is no guarantee they will still think so the second or third time. Even when they simply think back to the time they've read them, others might not agree with what you thought best for your story.


With all this in mind, how do you choose the right words to make your story as colourful and detailed, gripping and sensational on paper and in the minds of other people as it is within your own?


Short answer: you can’t. There is no guarantee that each and every human being who reads your story will appreciate the words you’ve chosen. You can never please everybody. But that is perfectly fine. Life is not about pleasing everybody. It is about doing what you love and being who you are. As long as you stay true to yourself and as long as you are proud of the words you’ve written down in order to share the story created inside of your mind, you will always find people who can appreciate you and your work.



So, when you’re writing down the words you think will be most fitting for your story, do not worry about those people who might dislike them or those who might criticise you. Think about the people who will enjoy your story and words as much as you do, about those who will enjoy reading everything created by your own creativity. And most importantly, think about your story and what it is in all its colours and details.

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